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Here's a sample Java quiz

Sample quiz (assume Java 8 or higher)

I create this class.

import java.time.LocalDate;
import java.time.Month;
import java.time.Period;
import java.time.temporal.ChronoUnit;
import java.util.Arrays;
import java.util.List;

public class DateChallenge {

   public static void main(String... doYourBest) {
      List spiderManList = Arrays.asList(
            new SpiderMan("The Spider Man", LocalDate.of(1962, Month.SEPTEMBER, 8)),
            new SpiderMan("The Black Suit", LocalDate.of(1984, Month.SEPTEMBER, 8)),
            new SpiderMan("Spider-Man 2099", LocalDate.of(1992, Month.SEPTEMBER, 17)));

      LocalDate now = LocalDate.of(2017, Month.SEPTEMBER, 18);

            s -> { Period period = Period.between(s.creationDate, now);
               System.out.println(s.costume + " " +
               period.get(ChronoUnit.YEARS) + " years " +
                    period.get(ChronoUnit.DAYS) + " days");

   static class SpiderMan {
       String costume;
      LocalDate creationDate;

      SpiderMan(String costume, LocalDate dateOfBirth) {
         this.costume = costume; this.creationDate = dateOfBirth.plusDays(2).plusYears(2); // Line 32


What will happen after the main method is executed as follows?


java DateChallenge

Choices - Select all that apply.

Choice 1

  The Spider Man 53 years 8 days
  The Black Suit 31 years 8 days
  Spider-Man 2099 22 years 30 days

Choice 2

  DateTimeException will be throw at the line 32

Choice 3

  The Spider Man 55 years 10 days
  The Black Suit 33 years 10 days
  Spider-Man 2099 24 years 1 days

No Choice Correct (Collapsible)

No choice is correct.

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