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An Oracle JSON Workout

Oracle Database 12c offers powerful and flexible support for working with JSON inside the database. This workout tests your knowledge of a variety of JSON features in SQL and PL/SQL. Some were introduced in 12.1, others, such as PL/SQL objct types for JSON manipulation, came in 12.2.


  • Instructor

    Steven Feuerstein*

  • Estimated Time

    36 Minutes

  • Difficulty

    Intermediate to Advanced

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Exercise Difficulty Time
Quiz on JSON_OBJECTIntermediate5
Quiz on JSON_VALUEIntermediate5
Quiz on JSON_VALUEIntermediate5
Quiz on JSON_TABLEAdvanced6
Quiz on Error Handling With JSON TypesAdvanced5
Quiz on JSON_ARRAY_TIntermediate5
Quiz on JSON_ARRAY_TIntermediate5

*About Steven Feuerstein

Steven Feuerstein is the Oracle Developer Advocate for PL/SQL at Oracle Corporation, and is considered a leading expert on the Oracle PL/SQL language, having written ten books on PL/SQL (all published by O'Reilly Media). He's published over 1400 quizzes on PL/SQL at the Oracle Dev Gym.

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