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Automatic Subprogram Inlining

Every call to a procedure or function causes a slight, but measurable, performance overhead, which is especially noticeable when the subprogram is called within a loop. Automatic subprogram inlining can reduce the overhead associated with calling these subprograms, a new optimization feature added in Oracle Database 11g. In this workout, Tim Hall guides you through the feature, with lots of examples. We then add a link to the PL/SQL optimizer, and finish up with some quizzes, courtesy of Steven Feuerstein.


  • Instructor

    Tim Hall*

  • Estimated Time

    79 Minutes

  • Difficulty

    Intermediate to Advanced

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Exercise Difficulty Time
Automatic Subprogram Inlining in Oracle Database 11g Release 1Intermediate15
Automatic Subprogram InliningNot Provided
Quiz on Automatic Subprogram InliningAdvanced8
Quiz on INLINE PragmaAdvanced19
Quiz on Subprogram InliningAdvanced17
Quiz on Subprogram InliningAdvanced20

*About Tim Hall

Tim Hall is an Oracle DBA/Developer and well known Oracle blogger at If that isn't enough, he's written two books and over 900 articles, is an Oracle ACE Director, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, OakTable member, and has presented at numerous user groups and conferences worldwide.

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