A Dev Gym Workout

Devious Database Design

This workout offers as exercises all the quizzes that were originally played in Database Design Annual Championship for 2019 - but don't worry! They're still more than relevant to your work today. Warning: they're advanced and they cover a variety of topics in the PL/SQL language.How will you stack up against the championship players? :-)
  • Instructor

    Chris Saxon*

  • Estimated Time

    10 Minutes

  • Difficulty

    Intermediate to Advanced

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Exercise Difficulty Time
Quiz on JSONIntermediate2
Quiz on PartitioningAdvanced2
Quiz on HistogramsAdvanced2
Quiz on IndexesAdvanced2
Quiz on Materialized ViewsAdvanced2

*About Chris Saxon

Chris Saxon is an Oracle Developer Advocate and quizmaster on Dev Gym. His job is to help you get the best out of the Oracle Database and have fun with SQL! He's also part of the answer team on Ask TOM and creates YouTube videos at The Magic of SQL channel.

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