A Dev Gym Workout

Introduction to Oracle Database Security

This workout will give you an introduction to Oracle Database Security. This material is important for database administrators, developers, and end-users to understand.
  • Instructor

    Richard C Evans*

  • Estimated Time

    61 Minutes

  • Difficulty

    Beginner to Intermediate

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Exercise Difficulty Time
Groups of privilegesBeginner3
Permit certain users to access, process, or alter dataBeginner3
Licensing Privilege AnalysisBeginner5
What is Centrally Managed UsersBeginner2
Oracle TDE and the lost walletBeginner3
Lock Database Account on InactivityBeginner2
TF - AVDF OverviewBeginner3
What is verifying identify defined as?Beginner3
What is the right to perform an action called?Intermediate3
Who gets system privileges?Beginner3
Categories of DB privilegesIntermediate3
Definition of giving or removing privileges to a user or role is?Beginner3
Monitoring and recording database actionsBeginner5
Encrypting SQL*Net TrafficBeginner2
A user and schema created when you create a DB.Beginner3
When to grant SYSDBA privilegesBeginner3
What is a right to execute SQL or access something called?Beginner3
Configuration that affect the basic operation of an instanceBeginner3
Requirements to authenticateBeginner3
A new database authorization model built into 12.1 and higherIntermediate3

*About Richard C Evans

Richard is part of the Database Security Product Management team, which responsible for many products, including Oracle Advanced Security (ASO), TDE & Data Redaction, Oracle Key Vault (OKV), Oracle Database Vault (DV), Oracle Audit Vault & DB Firewall (AVDF), Oracle Data Masking & Subsettings (DMS), Oracle Label Security (OLS), and Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT).

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