A Dev Gym Workout

Oracle Cloud Onboarding For Beginners

This Oracle Devgym workout is designed to help users get started on Oracle Cloud.

It includes a variety of activities such as navigating through the cloud console, setting up compartments, managing user rights, understanding compute services, and working with My Oracle Support. The workout also covers topics like identity and access management, billing inquiries, cost estimates, and live coaching clinics.
With quizzes available for each activity, users can test their knowledge and track their progress.

This is the first workout in our series:

- Oracle Cloud Onboarding For Beginners
- Oracle Cloud Onboarding - Intermediate Level
- Oracle Cloud Onboarding - Advanced
  • Instructor

    Kay Tribak - 370591

  • Estimated Time

    124 Minutes

  • Difficulty

    Beginner to Intermediate

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Exercise Difficulty Time
Getting Started On Oracle CloudIntermediate5
Navigating through your Cloud ConsoleBeginner3
Available Services via Console accessBeginner5
Setting up your first CompartmentBeginner2
Compartment QuotasBeginner2
Networking BasicsBeginner3
Managing User RightsBeginner4
Understanding Oracle Compute ServicesBeginner5
Managing User Rights - DocsBeginner7
What is my Support Identifier (SI) NumberBeginner2
Where to find my Customer Support Identifier (CSI)Beginner1
Working with My Oracle Support via Cloud ConsoleBeginner11
Oracle Support - Service Request TypesBeginner1
Cloud Support - Global Contact NumbersBeginner5
How to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on Oracle Cloud.Intermediate5
Get to know the Cloud Adoption TeamIntermediate1
Identity and Access ManagementIntermediate
Billing EnquiriesBeginner5
Cost EstimatesBeginner3
Cost Estimator ToolBeginner5
FREE LIVE Cloud Coaching ClinicsBeginner5
OCI Getting Started GuideBeginner
Kick off your Oracle Cloud JourneyBeginner5
Cloud Account FAQsBeginner5
LiveLab Workouts and SprintsIntermediate10
Cloud ExpenditureBeginner5
Account ProvisioningBeginner1
Compute OptionsIntermediate1
Storage Types supported in OCIIntermediate1
How do I find tenancy information?Intermediate1
Oracle SupportIntermediate1
Support Identifier NumberIntermediate1
Managing access rightsIntermediate1
Cost ManagementIntermediate1