A Dev Gym Workout

Oracle Database Security - New Features 12c and Up

New Oracle Database Security Features in Oracle Database 12c and up.
  • Instructor

    Richard C Evans*

  • Estimated Time

    23 Minutes

  • Difficulty

    Beginner to Advanced

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Exercise Difficulty Time
Lock Database Account on InactivityBeginner2
Oracle 18c Account-TypeBeginner2
Unified Audit Trail and Data PumpIntermediate2
Clusterware Administrative PrivilegesIntermediate2
Privilege Enhancement for the AUDSYS Audit SchemaIntermediate2
Integration of Active Directory Services with Oracle DatabaseIntermediate2
Quiz on ALLOW_GLOBAL_DBLINKS initialization parameterIntermediate5
ADG_ACCOUNT_INFO_TRACKING Initialization ParameterIntermediate2
Configure DB link communication protocolAdvanced2

*About Richard C Evans

Richard is part of the Database Security Product Management team, which responsible for many products, including Oracle Advanced Security (ASO), TDE & Data Redaction, Oracle Key Vault (OKV), Oracle Database Vault (DV), Oracle Audit Vault & DB Firewall (AVDF), Oracle Data Masking & Subsettings (DMS), Oracle Label Security (OLS), and Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT).

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