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Oracle Developer Live: Java Innovations March 2022

Oracle’s leadership and stewardship continues to advance Java, cementing its position as the premier programming language and platform for modern application development. At Developer Live, to further boost your skills, experts from Oracle’s Java Platform Group and the Java community offered content empowering you to create the next generation of rich, scalable, and secure enterprise applications for a range of deployment environments. They also shared insights into innovations in the Java 18 release, which improves the performance, stability, and security of your application development.

We hope you were able to discover more about:

  • Java language syntax improvements
  • Modern Java programming tips and techniques
  • New programming models on the Java platform
  • Broad support of Java developer frameworks

We'd like you to test your knowledge on what you learned. Answer these questions to receive a developer badge that you can share on your social media channels!

If you missed the live event, or to refresh your knowledge, you can review each session on demand from this link beginning on March 24th: https://developer.oracle.com/developer-live/

  • Instructor

    Oracle Dev Live

  • Estimated Time

    11 Minutes

  • Difficulty


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Exercise Difficulty Time
Q1: ZGC - The Future of Low-Latency Garbage Collection is Here SessionBeginner1
Q2: Java into Containers: A Match Made in Heaven? SessionBeginner1
Q3: Simple Web Server - A Minimal Server for the Command Line and Beyond SessionBeginner1
Q4: Project Panama: Say Goodbye to JNI SessionBeginner1
Q5: The Elegance of Pattern Matching in Modern Java SessionBeginner1
Q6: JDK 8 to JDK 18 SessionBeginner1
Q7: GraalVM Native Image for Containerised Applications SessionBeginner1
Q8: Java Language Futures: Spring 2022 Edition SessionBeginner1
Q9: Accelerating Productivity with Java, GraalVM, Micronaut SessionBeginner1
Q10: Helidon and Verrazzano: High-Powered Apps with Easy Multi-Cloud DeploymentBeginner1
Q11: New in JDK 18: Reviewing Enhancements in the Latest JDK ReleaseBeginner1