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Oracle Developer Live: Simplifying Modern App Dev

Developers today face significant challenges when building highly resilient, secure, and scalable applications for a global customer base. Whether modernizing existing apps or building new cloud native apps, developers must make architecture and design decisions across a variety of technology choices. At this event, you’ll learn the foundational principles of modern app development and how you can apply them to simplify decision making, freeing you to focus on the code.

We hope you were able to learn how to:

  • Build containerized web applications
  • Use relational databases with modern apps
  • Secure modern application workloads
  • Automate deployment and DevOps
  • Develop real-time event processing and analytics
  • Deploy serverless functions

We'd like you to test your knowledge on what you learned. By completing 8 questions correctly, you will achieve a social badge which you can share on your social media.

If you missed the live event or to refresh your knowledge you can review each session on demand from this link beginning on August 5th: https://developer.oracle.com/simplifying-modern-app-dev/

  • Instructor

    Oracle Dev Live

  • Estimated Time

    5 Minutes

  • Difficulty


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Exercise Difficulty Time
Q1. Keynote: Simplifying Modern App Development with Cloud Native TechnologiesBeginner1
Q2. Deploying Multicloud Apps on VerrazzanoBeginner1
Q3. Incorporating AI in Your ApplicationsBeginner1
Q4. Building a Cloud Native Ecommerce App Using Modern Messaging ServicesBeginner1
Q5. Extending Oracle SaaS Apps with a Cloud Native ApproachBeginner1
Q6. Modernizing Enterprise Apps with KubernetesBeginner1
Q7. Building Real-Time Event Processing Apps for Analytics using a Serverless ArchitectureBeginner1
Q8. Continuous Deployments: Automating Software Releases to OCI PlatformsBeginner1