A Dev Gym Workout

Oracle SQL Annual Championship for 2020

This workout offers as exercises all the quizzes that were originally played in Oracle SQL Annual Championship for 2020 - but don't worry! They're still more than relevant to your work today. Warning: they're advanced and they cover a variety of topics in the PL/SQL language.How will you stack up against the championship players? :-)
  • Instructor

    Kim Berg Hansen*

  • Estimated Time

    10 Minutes

  • Difficulty


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Exercise Difficulty Time
Quiz on JSON_TABLEAdvanced2
Quiz on MATCH_RECOGNIZEAdvanced2
Quiz on MERGE StatementAdvanced2
Quiz on Row limiting clauseAdvanced2
Quiz on Bitmap Based Count Distinct SQL FunctionsAdvanced2

*About Kim Berg Hansen

Danish geek. Author of 'Practical Oracle SQL' book. ORACLE ACE Director. Oracle OCE in SQL. Oracle SQL Evangelist. Oracle PL/SQL Developer. Likes to cook. Reads sci-fi. Member of Danish Beer Enthusiasts.

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