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Pipelined Table Functions

Tim Hall of fame explores pipelined table functions, which allow you to return rows from a function back to the calling query even before the function has accumulated all rows. After you read his article and check out the documentation, it's time to take five quizzes written by Steven Feuerstein to test your knowledge of this feature.


  • Instructor

    Tim Hall*

  • Estimated Time

    48 Minutes

  • Difficulty

    Intermediate to Advanced

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Exercise Difficulty Time
Oracle Pipelined Table Functions (ORACLE-BASE)Not Provided
Creating Pipelined Table Functions (documentation)Advanced20
Quiz on Pipelined Table FunctionsIntermediate2
Quiz on Pipelined Table FunctionsIntermediate2
Quiz on Pipelined Table FunctionsAdvanced8
Quiz on NO_DATA_NEEDEDAdvanced8
Quiz on Pipelined Table Function Collection DatatypesAdvanced7

*About Tim Hall

Tim Hall is an Oracle DBA/Developer and well known Oracle blogger at If that isn't enough, he's written two books and over 900 articles, is an Oracle ACE Director, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, OakTable member, and has presented at numerous user groups and conferences worldwide.

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