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When Not Signed In or Haven't Taken Workout

Don’t have time to commit to a class? Then why not try a workout? We offer a set of featured workouts, but you can also quickly create a “Do It Yourself” workout on your topic of choice. About to start a new project requiring lots of dynamic SQL? Set up a 60 minute workout of quizzes on this topic and the knowledge will be fresh, the syntax right at your fingertips.

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Kim Berg Hansen Kim Berg Hansen
Senior System Developer
6 exercises
42.5 minutes
Chris Saxon Chris Saxon
Oracle Developer Advocate for SQL
5 exercises
10.1 minutes
Tim Hall Tim Hall
Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador
7 exercises
47.6 minutes

Daily Workouts

In addition to curated and do-it-yourself workouts, you can request daily workouts consisting of single quizzes delivered to your Inbox each day. Once you've signed in, you'll see a list of the technologies for which we offer daily workouts. Click on a card, and the next day, you've got your workout!