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Sometimes you just want to learn, and other times you want to test that knowledge against other developers. Let's face it: lots of humans like to compete, and we make it easy for you to do that with our tournaments quizzes. Each week, we publish a brand-new quiz on SQL, PL/SQL, database design, Java and more. Your performance is ranked against other developers around the world. The top 50 ranked players at the end of year qualify to compete in the annual championship for top honors. And if you’re not the competitive sort, no worries! You can take the tournament quiz without being ranked.

Open Tournaments

Weekly and daily tournaments, plus annual championships

Chris Saxon Chris Saxon
Oracle Developer Advocate for SQL
 7 Dec - 13 Dec
Steven Feuerstein Steven Feuerstein
Developer Advocate for PL/SQL
 7 Dec - 13 Dec
Kim Berg Hansen Kim Berg Hansen
Senior System Developer
 7 Dec - 13 Dec
Eli Feuerstein Eli Feuerstein
Dev Gym Developer
 7 Dec - 13 Dec