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We’ve been writing quizzes for our tournaments since 2010, which means we now offer an enormous library of over 2,700 quizzes on SQL, PL/SQL, database design, Oracle Application Express, logic and Java. Take individual quizzes on your topic of choice, and then when you’ve got a bit more time, try a workout.

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Chris Saxon Chris Saxon
Oracle Developer Advocate for SQL
 7 Dec - 13 Dec
Rafael Chinelato Del Nero Rafael Chinelato Del Nero
Java Champion
 7 Dec - 13 Dec
Eli Feuerstein Eli Feuerstein
Dev Gym Developer
 7 Dec - 13 Dec
Steven Feuerstein Steven Feuerstein
Developer Advocate for PL/SQL
 7 Dec - 13 Dec
Kim Berg Hansen Kim Berg Hansen
Senior System Developer
 7 Dec - 13 Dec