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This little box provided me with a little introspective of my past decade as an Oracle developer. I've been happy with the opportunities I've taken and where they've lead me. I now work for a small Perth company with a wonderful leader, where I now have the advantage of working across multiple sites - in addition to mixing it up with conducting training courses around Australia on various Oracle products. After starting with a few Oracle Forms and ETL projects, I've enjoyed some challenging and rewarding projects and now I'm enjoying learning and exploring the Application Express product - where I get to create for the end user, in addition to satisfying my eternal PL/SQL yearn. Over the last few years I've also been joining the growing crowd of experts presenting at conferences and user group meetings. This is rewarding in itself, imparting knowledge of a product I enjoy using, as well as meeting people of all types across the industry. Over time, I hope to put many faces to names of people I've meet on-line and read books by and participate in the fun described in conferences around the world. The PL/SQL challenge has been just another great step in maintaining my product knowledge, while having fun while doing so - who doesn't love a good quiz?



Trophies: 600
Points: 62982
Top Tournament Rank: 1 (APEX)
Top Championship Rank: 7 (Oracle PL/SQL)


APEX 110 Quizzes Taken2 Quizzes Authored
Database Design 309 Quizzes Taken1 Quizzes Authored
Java 75 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
Logic 5 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
Oracle PL/SQL 1482 Quizzes Taken4 Quizzes Authored
SQL 465 Quizzes Taken1 Quizzes Authored

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