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Kim Berg Hansen

Working out at the Dev Gym since April 2010.

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    1 d 8 h 34 m

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Biographical Info

Danish geek. Author of 'Practical Oracle SQL' book. ORACLE ACE Director. Oracle OCE in SQL. Oracle SQL Evangelist. Oracle PL/SQL Developer. Likes to cook. Reads sci-fi. Member of Danish Beer Enthusiasts.



Trophies: 165
Points: 41777
Top Tournament Rank: 174 (Oracle PL/SQL)
Top Championship Rank: 6 (Oracle PL/SQL)


Oracle Database 2 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
Database Design 35 Quizzes Taken4 Quizzes Authored
Logic 3 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
Oracle PL/SQL 825 Quizzes Taken49 Quizzes Authored
SQL 118 Quizzes Taken490 Quizzes Authored

Workouts Taken

Author NamePct Correct
PL/SQL Knowledge SurveySteven Feuerstein81%

Classes Taken

No classes taken (yet).