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Richard C Evans

Working out at the Dev Gym since November 2018.

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    51 m

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Richard is part of the Database Security Product Management team, which responsible for many products, including Oracle Advanced Security (ASO), TDE & Data Redaction, Oracle Key Vault (OKV), Oracle Database Vault (DV), Oracle Audit Vault & DB Firewall (AVDF), Oracle Data Masking & Subsettings (DMS), Oracle Label Security (OLS), and Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT).


Trophies: 0
Points: 2406


APEX 1 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
Oracle Database 12 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
Database Security 158 Quizzes Taken77 Quizzes Authored
Database Design 6 Quizzes Taken1 Quizzes Authored
Spatial and Maps in Oracle Database 5 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
SQL 42 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored

Workouts Taken

Author NamePct Correct
Oracle Database 19c - New Security FeaturesRichard C Evans91%

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No classes taken (yet).