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Working out at the Dev Gym since June 2010.

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    10 d 19 h 1 m

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Introverted nature, in permanent competition with myself, wishing to live in a better world, in which having more knowledge to represent each one's true and topmost important satisfaction. Only knowledge can bring people closer to each other and make our world a place worth to live in.Except for my profession (not only Oracle, but Mathematics, from which everything started !), loving cats, classical music and light music oldies, reading, solving puzzles, knitting.Dreaming of a silent life at country-side, with fresh air and lots of domestic animals around ...


Trophies: 112
Points: 196583
Top Tournament Rank: 1 (Logic)
Top Championship Rank: 1 (Oracle PL/SQL)


Application Express 1 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
Database Security 2 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
Database Design 697 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
Java 143 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
Logic 662 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
Oracle PL/SQL 1931 Quizzes Taken34 Quizzes Authored
SQL 906 Quizzes Taken9 Quizzes Authored

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No workouts taken (yet).

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No classes taken (yet).