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Vincent VAUBAN

Working out at the Dev Gym since June 2017.

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    9 d 19 h 47 m

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Vincent VAUBAN, a devoted and passionate developer. Every day, he is coding, training, and competing on programming languages. He has relevant experience in Java technology. He designed several REST APIs. He developed Java EE web applications, and he crafted features of Java ERPs. And regularly, Vincent VAUBAN gets credentials such as MOOC certificates, certifications, skills badges. That's showing that he elevates his skills to world standards. His technological positioning is the Java technological stack. Like Java, Java EE, Jakarta EE, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Spring MVC, Spring Core. His mid-term goal is to position as Full Stack developer. It will be done with frontend technologies. Like Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript. His passion for software engineering let him discover also Android, NodeJS, Java 11 and +. Vincent VAUBAN dedicates part of his time to level up in soft skills. Like business communication and teamwork. His school background started with engineering studies. Then he switched exclusively to computing at the university. To finally graduate with a Master of Information Technology. On the inside, Vincent VAUBAN is a person who is peaceful. He understands conflicts and defuses them in win-win conditions. Always to reinforce the team spirit and solidarity between his coworkers. He is interested in team concepts and studied the innards of teams deeply during his free time. Vincent VAUBAN is also keen on linguistics. He speaks Spanish, English, and French and would like to go further in more singular languages. Like Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese. He has traveled exclusively in Europe and even worked in Spain a while ago. Vincent VAUBAN values are solidarity, honesty, adaptation, respect, and excellence. He followed the principles of the Archimedes' oath. Which asks engineers to act according to the public interest. He has a fierce opinion on the technology role in our world. Like planet protection and ecology.


Trophies: 74
Points: 18413


APEX 2 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
Database Design 62 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
Java 387 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
Logic 58 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
Oracle PL/SQL 56 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
Python and Oracle Database 6 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored
SQL 105 Quizzes Taken0 Quizzes Authored

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