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Tables are the foundation of your database. So you should learn how to design them to meet your application's needs.

Here at Oracle Dev Gym we have hundreds of quizzes covering all aspects of desiging and creating tables for Oracle Database. These include:

  • Normalizing your tables to avoid data duplication
  • Defining constraints to improve data quality
  • Creating indexes to make SQL faster
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Testing yourself is one of the few ways proven to help you learn faster. With hundreds of multiple choice database design quizzes to choose from, Oracle Dev Gym is the ideal place to train and enhance your database design knowledge.

Here's a sample database design quiz

Sample quiz (assume Oracle Database 10g or higher)

You're creating a project management application. It will store details of projects in this table:

  create table qz_projects (
    project_id   integer not null primary key,
    project_name varchar2(100) not null

  insert into qz_projects values (1, 'Project Quiz!');

Project names must be unique. Which of the following choices extend this table, so this insert raises an exception?

  insert into qz_projects values (2, 'Project Quiz!');

Choices - Select all that apply.

Choice 1

  alter table qz_projects add primary key ( project_name );

Choice 2

  alter table qz_projects add unique ( project_name );

Choice 3

  alter table qz_projects add unique ( project_name ) using index (

Choice 4

  alter table qz_projects add unique ( project_name ) using index (
    create index qz_proj_name_i on qz_projects ( project_name )

No Choice Correct (Collapsible)

No choice is correct.

Workouts to train your database design muscles

To help you build skills in specific aspects of design we've built targeted workouts. These include articles explaining the topic with a series of quizzes to test your understanding.

Our top workouts

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Whether you want to understand what the normal forms are, get to grips with partitioning or learn about indexes, Oracle Dev Gym has quizzes to help you. All free, online, and available whenever you want!