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SQL is the definitive data access language. Whether you're a developer, DBA, data scientist or analyst, knowing SQL will be an asset throughout your career.

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Testing yourself is one of the few ways proven to help you learn faster. With hundreds of multiple choice SQL quizzes to choose from, Oracle Dev Gym is the ideal place to train and enhance your SQL knowledge.

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Here's a sample SQL quiz

Sample quiz (assume Oracle Database 11g Release 2 or higher)

You execute these commands:

  create table qz_bricks (
    brick_id integer
      not null
      primary key,
    colour varchar2(10)
      not null,
    shape varchar2(10)
      not null

  insert into qz_bricks
    values ( 1, 'red', 'cylinder' );
  insert into qz_bricks
    values ( 2, 'red', 'cube' );
  insert into qz_bricks
    values ( 3, 'blue', 'cylinder' );
  insert into qz_bricks
    values ( 4, 'blue', 'cube' );
  insert into qz_bricks
    values ( 5, 'green', 'cylinder' );
  insert into qz_bricks
    values ( 6, 'green', 'cube' );


Which choices return one row per colour, so the query returns these rows?


Choices - Select all that apply.

Choice 1

  select colour
  from   qz_bricks
  order  by colour;

Choice 2

  select distinct colour
  from   qz_bricks
  order  by colour;

Choice 3

  select unique colour
  from   qz_bricks
  order  by colour;

Choice 4

  select colour
  from   qz_bricks
  group  by colour
  order  by colour;

Choice 5

  select max ( colour ) colour
  from   qz_bricks
  group  by shape
  order  by colour;

No Choice Correct (Collapsible)

No choice is correct.

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To help you enhance your SQL muscles, we've built targeted SQL workouts. These training sessions have a series of quizzes focussed on a specific aspect of the language. This helps you get to grips with the details of each feature.

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Oracle Dev Gym includes guided programs to help you learn SQL. These free, browser-based SQL classes include:

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  • Live SQL tutorials for you to try writing real SQL
  • A series of quizzes to test your understanding

All courses include a free certificate of completion.

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